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Winter 2008 Edition- January 2008 Volume 20

Work/Life Balance
Mental health in the workplace has been on my mind recently. Our organization has just been through a major realignment process, which resulted in some layoffs, and I am seeing firsthand the impact such drastic change can have, not only on those whose jobs are lost but on those left behind. When you look at the number of hours today's workers put in - not just at work, but also being available through the ubiquitous Blackberry - factor in being asked to accomplish more with less and add a dash of uncertainty about job security, you have a recipe for a very high stress environment. more...

Online Consultation
With Internet use rates hovering around 80%, it is a matter of time before all Canadians use the Internet. YouTube, wikis, MySpace, iGoogle are everyday examples of how the Internet is evolving. Are the corporate world and government using the Internet to consult clients or shareholders? Yes, but often with outdated approaches. more...

Motivation: An Inside Job
Motivation is often viewed as the great unseen hand of management creeping into a room to propel employees, especially salespeople to greater heights and bigger sales on behalf of the corporate enterprise. But this is becoming a rather outdated way of thinking in the world of modern management. more...

Emotions in the Workplace
Q: I sometimes find it difficult to control my emotions when I am under a lot of pressure or stressed out. Any tips? more...

Kurtis Grenkow, RPR
Builders Energy Services Trust, Calgary AB more...

Doug Mosher, RPR, RPT
Halifax Regional Municipality, Dartmouth NS more...

Serving Liquor, Not Liability
The company Christmas party is in full swing and everyone is having a good time. Yet one employee is acting loud and obnoxious, apparently intoxicated and demanding more liquor. What do you do? Do you suggest that this person goes home? Do you determine how much alcohol has been consumed? Do you find out whether the employee plans to drive? more...

Sleep and the Workplace
Well known on-the-job sleep-related accidents include the oil spill involving the Exxon Valdez tanker, two nuclear power plant incidents (Three Mile Island and Chernobyl), the Bhopal chemical release and the Challenger disaster. Several scientific studies have looked at the impact of fatigue on performance and found that sleepiness was responsible for 40% of all motor vehicle accidents. more...

Wage Earner Protection Plan Act
WEPP (Wage Earner Protection Plan) is a response by the government to assist employees who suffer income loss in the face of bankruptcy or receivership. Under its provisions, individuals who have been employed for more than three months are eligible to be paid wages owing to them that were earned during the six months immediately prior to a bankruptcy or receivership to a maximum of $3,000 or four times their maximum weekly insurance earnings under the Employment Insurance Act. more...

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