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Developing Future Leaders

In an economy that is increasingly dynamic and competitive, helping to foster future leaders in the business world is more important - and more challenging - than ever. Worker turnover is far more common than it was in the past, with many young workers looking to move between employers rather than stay in one place. It’s important to know how to promote strong leadership qualities in your team, not only for the sake of productivity, but also to encourage retention among employees that are increasingly mobile and often see less opportunity for hands-on learning experience than previous generations.

Managing Multigenerational Workplaces
The modern workplace is the most generationally diverse it has ever been. For the first time, there are as many as five different generations working side by side with each other.

Employee Attrition, Manager Burnout Remain Challenges
A new report shows that while employee engagement has varied and reflects the turbulence of the world events and impacts on workers.

75% of Young Canadians Likely to Leave Job for Better Benefits
In the midst of a tight labour market, Canadians are placing increasing importance on employer-provided benefits plans.


Fed. Gov’t. Invests to Help Canadians Enter Skilled Trades

Fed. Gov’t. Takes a Step Toward Making 10 Days of Paid Sick Leave a Reality

Fed. Gov’t. Marks World Youth Skills Day with Major Investments in Skills and Innovation Projects

Minister O'Regan Meets With Prov/Terr. Counterparts to Discuss Labour Shortages



BC: Better Supports Will Help People Get Trained for High-Demand Careers

AB: Convenient Access to Workplace Health, Safety Rules

SK: More People Working in Saskatchewan Than Ever Before

MB: Fed. Gov’t. Invests in Foundational Skills Training for Workers

NS: Province Reminds Young Workers to Work Safely this Summer

NF: Community Enhancement Employment Program Applications Now Available

This Month
Firing Someone is Hard: Don’t Make it any Harder
Give yourself and the employee a break by doing it right.

Managing Multigenerational Workplaces
How do we effectively manage and keep different groups of workers engaged and motivated?
Developing Future Leaders
It’s important to know how to promote strong leadership qualities in your team.

Employee’s Secret Workplace Recordings Justified Termination
Making hundreds of secret recordings was an irreparable breach of trust, a judge ruled.
Deduction of Training Costs from Employee’s Wages Not Enforceable
he employee did not consent in writing to having training costs deducted after she resigned.
Supervisor’s Obscene Gesture Not Discriminatory, Tribunal Finds
The treatment of the employee was unfair but it was not linked to his sex.

Aim to Retain
Nearly 25% of Canadians changed jobs recently. How can employers ensure they stay?
Employee Attrition, Manager Burnout will Remain a Challenge Globally
A challenging environment for employee engagement ahead could lead to an era of opportunity for HR Professionals to transform organizations.

Shop Talk
75% of Young Canadians Likely to Leave Job for One with Better Benefits
To compete for talent, organizations must develop or refine benefits plans as a key component of their offer.
Bosses Handled Pandemic Well, But Staff Still Quitting
New study shows half of Canadians are looking for new jobs post-pandemic.

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