TUESDAY, MAY 30, 2023
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Recruiting for Soft Skills

Soft skills are not things like the technical ability or skills you need to do your job. Soft skills are what else you bring to the table, like communication or active listening. Maybe even emotional intelligence aspects like self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation or empathy. You may have always had some of those characteristics or you might have learned them along the way. However you acquired your soft skills, they are in big demand in the modern workplace. Here are some of the top soft skills employers are recruiting for in 2023 and beyond.

Economy Taking Toll on Workers' Financial, Mental Health and Employers'Bottom Lines
A new report outlines the impact of the hire cost of living on the wellbeing of Canadian workers and their employers.

Need to Measure and Act With Purpose to Improve Employee Engagement
Like everything else in the world, employee engagement has gone through significant upheaval over the past several years with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to remote and virtual work.

Post-Pandemic Challenges
Canadian workers are losing 48 days per year to absences and presenteeism, according to a new report.


Happiness@Work Index Shows Gen Z Feeling Less Happy in April

Statement by the Prime Minister on the National Day of Mourning

Sustainability Made Simple: 'Canada's Greenest Employers' for 2023

FPT Labour Ministers Make Progress on Key Challenges Facing Workers



BC: Mitacs Internship Funding Will Help Connect Students, Employers

BC: More People Facing Barriers will have Access to Skills Training

BC: Province Seeks Input from Internationally Trained Professionals

AB: Removing Barriers for Out-of-Province Workers

AB: Improving the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

SK: Province Adds 9,500 Jobs, Third Lowest Unemployment Rate in Nation

MB: Province Opens Applications for Canada-Manitoba Job Grant to Support Workforce Development and Training

ON: Province Increasing Minimum Wage to $16.55 an Hour

ON: Ontario Creating Safer Communities through Second Chance Hiring

NS: More Opportunity For Skilled Trades Refund Program Opens

This Month
There is an “I” in Integrity
What does integrity really mean and how can one practice integrity at work?

Recruiting for Soft Skills
Here are some of the top soft skills employers are recruiting for in 2023 and beyond.
Economy Taking Toll on Canadians' Financial and Mental Health and Employers' Bottom Lines
1 in 3 employees surveyed think they'll have to retire later than planned,

Notice Period Cut in Half for Failing to Mitigate Damages
A former executive waited six months to look for work and turned down a job that paid even more.
Hospital CEO Awarded Five Years’ Salary for Unjust Dismissal
He was fired ‘in a very public manner’ after being blamed for a patient death, an adjudicator determined.
Co-workers Ordered to Pay Colleague for Uttering Racial Slurs Against Him
The co-workers knew he was from a lower caste in his home country, a Tribunal found.

Report: Critical Need to Measure and Act With Purpose to Improve Employee Engagement
Employee priorities are changing as the labor market and economy continue to shift, and the way organizations think about employee engagement must change alongside them.

Shop Talk
The 8-day Workweek
Small business owners clock in 59 hours a week to make up for labour shortages.
Post-Pandemic challenges
Canadian workers losing 48 days per year to absences and presenteeism.

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