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Celebrating Success

Companies that regularly celebrate the success of their workplace receive a number of benefits including enhanced workplace productivity, improved employee morale, stronger teams and an overall increase in employee engagement. It can also lead to better relationships between management and labour and provides a boost to both energy and enthusiasm, highly valued qualities in today’s modern workplace.

Exiting on the Right Note
An exit interview can give a company some sense of why an employee is leaving and what it can learn in order to fix problems.

The Implications of ChatGPT on the Future of Work
Tools like ChatGPT are likely to have the greatest impact on science, technology, engineering and mathematics professionals and knowledge workers.

2024 Hiring and Compensation Trends: Numbers to Know in a Complex Labour Market
Evolving economic conditions have workers and employers reassessing compensation, career priorities and recruiting strategies.


Fed. Gov’t. Introduces Legislation to Ban Use of Replacement Workers

Fed. Gov’t. Announces Federal Investment in Jobs, Small Business Growth and Accelerating Manitoba's Green Advantage

More Than Half of Businesses Concerned about Meeting New Modern Anti-slavery Law Obligations

Stabilizing Canada's Immigration Targets to Support Sustainable Growth

Stronger DNA, Constantly Changing: 'Canada's Top 100 Employers' for 2024 are Announced

Fed. Gov't. Recognizes Employers' Outstanding Achievements in Making their Workplaces Diverse and Inclusive



BC: Fairness Coming for Gig Workers

BC: New Act Streamlines Credential Recognition for Internationally Trained Professionals

BC: Minister’s Statement on October Labour Force Survey Results

AB: Federal-provincial-territorial Meeting on Pensions

AB: Province a Prime Place for Job Creation

SK: Provincial Employment Incentive to Support Low-Income Working Families

SK: Province Adds Over 19,000 New Jobs

SK: Province to Expand Options for Employers Recruiting International Workers

ON: Province Investing in Free Training for Racialized and Indigenous Entrepreneurs

ON: Province Announces Comprehensive Strategy to Boost Child Care Workforce

ON: Ontario Strengthening Indigenous Economies

ON: Ontario Training Veterans for In-Demand Careers

ON: Province Helping More Women Build Skills and Get Jobs

ON: Province to Ban Requirements for Canadian Work Experience in Job Postings

NB: Strengthened entrepreneurship targeted with investment in UNB project

NB: Centre of Excellence to Give Students Hands-on Learning in Skilled Trades and Manufacturing

PE: Province Receives Final Report on the Comprehensive Review of the Employment Standards Act

This Month
Do as I Do Not as I Say
Talk really is cheap. Unless you back it up with action.

Celebrating Success in the Workplace
When employees have success and we recognize and celebrate them, we are offering our support for them to succeed even more.
Exiting on the Right Note
An exit interview is about the future and how a company can listen, learn and change for the better.

Woman Terminated for Working for Another Employer During Business Hours
Employees have a duty to provide full-time service to their employer unless otherwise agreed,’ the court wrote.
Termination Upheld of Woman Who Sexually Harassed Male Colleague
The woman was fired for making sexual and racist comments against a male colleague.
Restaurant Did Not Discriminate Against Woman with Depression
The alleged poisoned workplace was just ‘bickering among family members,’ a tribunal said.

The Implications of ChatGPT on the Future of Work
Tools like ChatGPT are most likely to impact roles with a dual focus on writing and programming skills.
Failure To Attract and Retain Talent Reaches Highest Ever Ranking in Survey
As conflicts disrupt an interconnected world, business leaders rank supply chain at highest risk level in 14 years

Shop Talk
2024 Hiring and Compensation Trends: Numbers to Know in a Complex Labour Market
While overall salaries are expected to rise in 2024, increases are likely to be more measured than in recent years.

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