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Fixing a Toxic Workplace

We’ve all heard the term toxic workplace. Some of us have worked in one. But what is a toxic workplace? What are its characteristics? Some people describe a toxic workplace as disrespectful, non-inclusive, unethical, cutthroat, or abusive. Others say all those elements are present in a toxic workplace. However we define it, a toxic workplace is no fun to work in and the impacts of such a workplace are intense and far-reaching. Numerous studies show workers who experience a toxic workplace are more likely to suffer from greater stress, anxiety, depression and burnout.

Why Volunteering is Good for Your Community, Good for your Career
National Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate and thank Canada's 24 million volunteers and their role in creating strong communities.

Over Half of Recent Canadians Immigrants Report to a Less Qualified Manager
A new study has uncovered several jarring statistics in a survey to 500 recent Canadian immigrants who have both arrived in the past 3-5 years and are currently employed in Canada.

Canadians Rely on Employer Benefits to Improve Well-Being
Canadians are experiencing a decline in overall well-being and are expecting their employers to provide key benefits to support them in 2024


Federal Minimum Wage Rising to $17.30 Per Hour on April 1

Federal Government to Adjust Temporary Measures under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Fed. Gov't. Announces more than $28.9 Million to Help Women Succeed in the Skilled Trades

Federal Gov’t Announces Two New Funding Opportunities for Sustainable Jobs in the Low-Carbon Economy



BC: Minister’s statement on February Labour Force Survey results

AB: Labour Market Update

SK: Investments Made to Support Saskatchewan's Growing Workforce

MB: Province Introduces Proposed Legislation That Would Make Workplaces Safer

ON: Province Passes Fourth Working for Workers Act

PE: United Kingdom and Ireland Recruitment Mission to Bring Skilled Workers to PEI

This Month
Job Burnout: How to Spot it. How to Stop it
Burnout is unlikely to get better on its own and it could get a lot worse unless you start managing and treating it.

Fixing a Toxic Workplace
A toxic workplace is no fun to work in and has intense and far-reaching impacts.
Celebrate National Volunteer Week: Why Volunteering is Good for Your Community, Good for your Career
Volunteering can help your community -- and your career.

Woman Who Refused Comparable Position Failed to Mitigate Her Damages
A woman laid off from a trucking firm didn’t want to do dispatch work even though it was her previous job, a court ruled.
Farm Worker Not Owed Termination Pay Due to Incarceration
The man did not ask his employer for a leave of absence before he went to jail.
Women Awarded Alberta’s Highest Human Rights General Damages
A male CEO’s sexual discrimination was “beyond the pale,” the Human Rights Tribunal said.

Over Half of Recent Canadians Immigrants Report to a Less Qualified Manager
Over a third say canadian workplaces are only paying 'lip service' to diversity and inclusion.
Employees Under 40 in Canada the Most Isolated and Lonely
Nearly half of young workers report not having trustworthy relationships at work, leading to poor mental and physical health.

Shop Talk
47% of working Canadians Rely on Employer Benefits to Improve Well-Being
Canadians are relying more than ever on workplace benefits, with 8 in 10 wanting sufficient virtual care from employers.
Psychological Safety in the Workplace Must Consider Diverse Employee Needs
Organizations are increasingly expected to ensure that psychological safety is as integral a component to employee wellbeing as its physical counterpart.
Job Shadowing Programs Can Improve Employee Retention and Support Career Advancement
Job shadowing can be used to support a variety of talent needs and programs, including talent retention in a challenging labor market.

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