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Fall 2012 Edition- September 2012 Volume 39

Bring Civility Back to the Workplace
Have you ever experienced times when you’ve gone out of your way doing things for people and felt that your efforts did not yield any great results? Perhaps the expression “Give someone an inch and he’ll take a mile” comes to mind. This happens both in our personal lives and at work. more...

Progressive Discipline Doesn’t Work
In my humble opinion, progressive discipline just doesn’t work. It takes too long, it’s too costly for an organization and it doesn’t achieve management’s objective which is an improvement in an employee’s performance at work. Surely there must be a better way. One person described progressive discipline as law enforcement. more...

Getting Active is Not Inconsequential
Q: There is much being said about the minimum amount of daily exercise that adults need to stay healthy. The numbers seem to change monthly. We have no budget for gym facilities or memberships. What can we as employers do to promote a healthier lifestyle in our workplace? more...

Dealing with a Bad Boss
Q: I am becoming more and more frustrated with my manager. Can you provide some suggestions on handling this situation and reducing the added stress? more...

Firing for Absenteeism and Lateness
In the first of this two-part series, we outlined the basic legal rules surrounding termination for just cause and looked at the law regarding one of the most common reasons for firing an employee – dishonesty. In this second article, we review the law addressing another common reason for firing employees – absenteeism and lateness. more...

Social Networking Changes Confidentiality & Privacy Landscape
With the explosion of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the way people communicate and build relationships has dramatically changed. The World Wide Web has a far greater impact on society due to its versatility and how it functions in our everyday life. more...

Measuring Human Capital Risks
If everything stayed the same, you would never have to worry about managing change. But then again, you may not have a job because your organization wouldn’t need you. The good news is that when it comes to managing people, there are always changes and how well you manage those changes and the risks that go along with them determine your real usefulness to the organization. more...

Run Better Meetings
Meetings are the perfect arena to demonstrate your leadership skills, communicate savvy and presentation ability. It’s also where others can discover whether you’re on top of your responsibilities and can be trusted with further matters. more...

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