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Summer 2007 Edition- July 2007 Volume 18

HRís Broad Shoulders
In putting together this issue of Members Quarterly and having just started a new job as an HR Generalist, I was struck by some of the topics raised and what they mean to us as HR professionals. The Presidentís Message talks about how workplaces today allow for a more holistic approach to managing staff and how beneficial to organizations and employees it can be to give consideration to work-life balance and how our personal lives affect us on the job. more...

A Human Touch
I remember the good old days but I also remember what was bad about them, such as the horrible ways in which line managers treated employees. You werenít just a number; you were not even in the top ten list of managersí concerns. Personal needs, concerns, and problems were referred to the appropriately named personnel office, whose real focus was on payroll, recordkeeping, hiring and firing, not dealing with any of the human dimensions of the workplace. more...

High Risk Terminations
Q. We are considering the termination of an employee for threatening and abusive behaviour. How do we assess whether this person may retaliate or be a risk when terminated? more...

Promoting from Within
Q: One of the business units Iím responsible for has grown too large for me to supervise. Iím going to solve the problem by creating a team leader role for the group and have that person report to me. Iíd prefer to hire internally if I can and I do have a good employee who has said sheíd like an opportunity to whip the department into shape. Is this a good idea? more...

Implementation of Global Policies
Q: A lot of companies have attempted to implement "global" policies. Do they work? more...

Helen Mix, RPR
Boardwalk Equities, Calgary AB more...

Colleen Calvert, CMP, RPR
Halifax Military Family Resource Ctr, Halifax NS more...

Eileen Bond, CMP
Extendicare, Ottawa ON more...

Workforce Management in Times of Transition
Most of us have lived through major organizational transitions such as mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring. According to a recent poll from the Turnaround Management Association, the top four industry sectors predicted to encounter the greatest financial and/or operational difficulties in 2007 include automotive, home builders, construction/contractors and manufacturing. more...

Codependency in the Workplace
What is codependency, what does it mean and how does this apply to the workplace? The term codependency was originally developed in the addictions field in reference to familial reaction to an alcoholic (later expanded to any addict) in ones midst. A common definition encompasses the idea that one is codependent if oneís sense of well-being has to be fulfilled mainly through relationships with others because of a paucity of oneís own inner resources. more...

Submissions Please
As this online newsletter is published quarterly, we need articles, questions and answers, People on the Move announcements and other material of interest to our fellow members. If you can contribute, please contact our Members Quarterly Editors: Kate Moore, RPR at or Shalini Richards, RPR, CMP at


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