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Spring 2007 Edition- April 2007 Volume 17

Its been Real…Its been Nice
As this will be my last editorial for the IPM Quarterly Newsletter, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your indulgence with some of my rants. more...

Accountability, You Have It
Accountability is getting to be almost as popular a phrase as that dreaded “empowerment” word was in the 1990’s. You remember when the solution to every problem was to empower this or that group, as if the answer to crime was to give criminals more guns and ammunition. Thankfully, that empowerment phase is over but now we have to grapple with the new age of accountability. more...

Values and Ethics: Involving Employees
How do you involve employees in developing your organization’s values and ethics framework? more...

Repatriation Planning: When to Begin
Q: At what stage of a global assignment should repatriation planning begin? more...

Jodi Wilson RPR
Calgary Home Support Services, Calgary AB more...

Brandi Babando, RPR
DownEast Communications, Dartmouth NS more...

Andrew Hiorth, RPR
Brunel Multec Canada Ltd, Etobicoke, ON more...

Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia
On November 1st, 2006 over 75 participants enjoyed a presentation by Tony Bremner of the Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia. Tony started off by providing a very detailed package for the participants which included many print materials on the services of the WCB. more...

Workforce Management in Difficult Times
Numerous organizations have experienced major changes in the past few years to include mergers, acquisitions, corporate restructuring, bankruptcy and closure. In response to requests, we will feature a series of articles on Workforce Management in Difficult Times. more...

Identity Theft
For the past ten years I have investigated fraud and money laundering as an investigative forensic accountant. My introduction to fraud and the world of criminal wrong doing was the chance to work for two years in-house as a forensic accountant with an RCMP investigative unit. The police officers I worked with were a specialized unit focused on organized criminal groups and particularly the profits these groups were amassing. My job was to follow the money trail, pull together the accounting evidence and provide my report to court as an expert witness. more...

Submissions Please
As this online newsletter is published quarterly, we need articles, questions and answers, People on the Move announcements and other material of interest to our fellow members. If you can contribute, please contact our Members Quarterly Editors: Kate Moore, RPR at kate@workplace.ca or Shalini Richards, RPR, CMP at shalini@workplace.ca


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