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Summer 2005 Edition- July 2005 Volume 10

Hiring Summer Students
As I write this editorial (somewhat before actual publication), resumes are streaming in for several clerk positions our organization has open for summer students. As you read this, you have probably just finished this annual process of screening, interviewing, hiring and training these eager, young candidates. A couple of things took me by surprise. more...

I Am A Whiner
Maybe that Canadian beer company who is soon going to be half American should change their slogan from “I Am Canadian” to “I Am a Whiner”. That’s because Canadians are some of the biggest complainers in the world. Our number one complaint seems to be about the weather. What is that about? We live in a country with only two seasons, winter and mosquito. more...

Gail McClelland, CHRP, RPR, RAS
City of St Albert, St Albert, AB more...

Brenda Bulger, RPR
PEI Public Service Commission, Charlottetown PE more...

Stephen Anderson, RPR
AFI International, Milton, ON more...

Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace
This past April, a large group gathered at the Delta Barrington in Halifax to discuss a topic that, while extremely important, may not be perceived as a priority for most Canadians. However, the subject matter struck home with Haligonians who have experienced three weather-related natural disasters in the past 15 months. more...

Ten Tips on being a Successful Employee
Take Two. Take two employees who work at the same company – one of them thrives while the other just survives. How can two employees be in the same organization and experience work so differently? The answer may lie in the employees’ locus of control. Do they think that they have some control over what is happening or is someone else pulling all the strings? more...

The Seven Secrets to a Successful Search
Here are some of the tips that individuals undergoing a career transition have shared with our organization about what worked for them in a successful job search. Do a comprehensive, honest, self-assessment of your strengths, weaknesses and transferable skills. You have to know what you are selling before you start to sell it. more...

The Recruiting Factory
Of all the HR functions, recruiting is often considered the most straightforward. However, recruiting for “high-impact” positions possesses many challenges, and needs a great deal of time, expertise and attention. As professionals in this field, we see recruiting as nothing more than a defined business process, similar in many respects to a manufacturing process. more...

Submissions Please
As this online newsletter is published quarterly, we need articles, questions and answers, People on the Move announcements and other material of interest to our fellow members. If you can contribute, please contact our Members Quarterly Editors: Kate Moore, RPR at or Shalini Richards, RPR, CMP at


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