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Spring 2004 Edition- April 2004 Volume 5

Privacy and the (Not So) Human Race
What is it with technology and common sense these days? It seems every time a new piece of technology is introduced it flies in the face of common sense. Take the cell phone for example. Remember a hundred years ago when the cell phone was first introduced, for starters you certainly couldn’t put it in your pocket, and unless you were carrying a knapsack as a purse it wouldn’t fit. more...

Employee Theft
The sad truth about today’s workplace is that statistics show that there’s a good chance that your employees are stealing from you. Here are some of the cold, hard, facts. The giant accounting firm Ernst & Young claim that the rule of thumb for internal losses due to theft amount between 1% and 2% of sales. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that up to 5% of the net corporate profits are consumed by theft. more...

Casual Dressing
How do you define what is acceptable as Friday casual dressing? more...

Intuiting Patterns
How can I tap into my intuition instead of following the rational solution? more...

Judy English, RPR
Newfoundland Personnel Inc. St. John’s Newfoundland more...

Paul MacDonald, RPR
The Municipal Group of Companies, Bedford Nova Scotia more...

Ivan E. Bakken, RPR
Tirecraft Auto Centers Ltd, Sherwood Park Alberta more...

Workshop Training: Biting the Hand that Feeds Me?
photo1People come to workshops for many reasons. Some are told to attend— get repaired. Some are told they deserve a break—have fun. Some want to get a certificate of attendance—become a certified expert in whatever. Occasionally, there are some who want to learn something—enhance their existential being. Few actually plan on using any of the material to do something differently when they return to their jobs. The day after training is simply business as usual. more...

The State of Canada’s Job Market
Employment in Canada is dropping. Recent employment statistics show a decrease of over 14% of full time jobs over a 2 year period, and the trend has not shifted. This is an indication of the slowing down of the Canadian economy and a reason for Canadian workers to be wary. more...

Ending Mandatory Retirement
In 2005, Ontario plans to follow the lead of countries such as USA, New Zealand and Australia, and other provinces including Quebec and Manitoba in banning mandatory retirement. The McGuinty Government is committed to giving Ontario workers the right to choose when they want to retire. As a first step, a consultation process commenced in August 2004 with the Government issuing Providing Choice: A Consultation Paper on Ending Mandatory Retirementi, followed by public consultations in the Fall. more...

Assessment in Career Planning
A thorough self-assessment initiates the career planning process. Simplified, this stage involves a complete self-analysis, including of skills, interests and values. Shakespeare wrote, “Know thyself” which he identified as the key to personal fulfillment. One must actively become knowledgeable of who you are in the present, and then discover what you would like to be in the future. more...

Why Hire an External Keynote Trainer?
You’ve been tasked with finding the right speaker or trainer resource to make your event a success. There is pressure on you to first look internally, but you know that you need something different to shake things up. Here’s what you can do. First, make the case. There is one thing that internal resources cannot achieve – organizational objectivity. more...

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