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Meet Canada's leading human resource and management experts! IPM, in conjunction with the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada, the Canadian Management Professionals Association and the Canadian Association of Assessment Specialists, holds regular chapter events, workshops and conferences featuring recognized national industry expert speakers.

Feedback from event participants
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Participants' Feedback

"Thank you so very much for another fantastic conference in Halifax this week. I enjoyed every minute. " Darlene F, Halifax

"I was at the Toronto May 2 conference and firstly just want to say a big thank you. It was a great day - engaging, fun and I truly felt like I walked away with greater knowledge." Sarah A, Toronto

"You, Jaime and your team do such an amazing job. I always love the Ottawa conferences and seeing the speakers you pull together, the people that I meet and the facilities... all great!" Genevieve L, Ottawa

"The 2017 Halifax Conference had to be THE best IPM conference that I have ever attended. All sessions and presenters were great, everything ran perfectly and the hotel did a fine job with the food. Next year, I'm definitely going to bring more of our teams to the event. Well done!" Doug S, Halifax

"The May 3 Toronto Conference was a real success. Speakers were excellent, topics lended to continuity from speaker to speaker and Judy and Jacqueline were perfect for the afternoon lineup-kept everyone energized and engaged. It was truly a great day!" Linda K, Toronto

"Thanks for a great experience at the Halifax conference yesterday. The speakers and information delivered were terrific. Our group is most impressed with the work that IPM does. I'm now excited to be a volunteer on the Maritime Chapter of IPM Associations and look forward too working with this wonderful team" Ruth M, Halifax

"We thoroughly enjoyed the 2016 Edmonton conference and have referred to our notes on the constructive dismissal presentation several times. Practical, simple information that's easy to use in our business - that in and of itself made the day worthwhile for us." Christine T, Edmonton

"The 2016 Toronto Conference was my first time in attendance and frankly, I was very impressed. The flow of the itinerary was seamless and lunch was great! The content delivered by professionals was very relevant. I'll look forward to next years' program and plan to bring my colleagues along." Patti R, Toronto

"Thank you for putting on such a great program at the Ottawa Conference yesterday. It was really well done." Natalie H, Ottawa

"The Halifax 2015 Conference was very well organized and very interesting! Congratulations to you and your team!" Kathy D, Moncton

"The Edmonton Conference was terrific as always! I enjoyed being able to assist in such a small way and look forward to participating on our regional executive team more in the future. I am very honoured and excited to be assisting in any way I can for such a great organization! Super excited to share the information received with my colleagues so we can bring more people out to next year's event." Connie O, Edmonton

"I thoroughly enjoyed the 2015 Ottawa Conference. It was the first IPM conference that I've attended. Initially I was a bit apprehensive about spending a day in a room without windows listening to speeches but it was great and went by quickly. The material covered was relevant and the presenters were very talented and engaging speakers. I'd recently completed a corporate training course held by Algonquin College and I found the information provided at the IPM event served to bolster that course material as well. It didn't hurt that the lunch was delicious, and the room and service provided by the hotel were very nice. Thanks so much for our group subscription door prize, it was another bonus!" Frances B, Ottawa

"As Regional Co-Chair for the Ottawa/Eastern Ontario Chapter of IPM Associations, I'm always looking for ways to promote IPM conferences. I sit on the Advisory Committee for the School of Business at a local college. Around the table are executives from leading local firms. One of them, the president of an HR consulting firm, attended the last conference at my invitation. When I announced this year's event in April, he spoke up and said it was one of the best conferences he's ever attended. He congratulated IPM on the diversity of the agenda, the quality of the speakers and the organization of the entire day. Word of mouth recommendations certainly work. Other senior executives from that group will also be registering for our events." Diane J., Ottawa

"Sincere congratulations to you and Toronto Regional Executive for yet another outstanding conference! This has to have been the best one yet, though I know I say that most times. Look forward to next year's event!" Maire-Anne D, Toronto

"Thank you very much for a great conference. My colleague, Tanya Jackson,and I thoroughly enjoyed the topics and the great presenters. Craig Dowden really resonated with us. We have already noted the date for the 2015 event!" Keitha M., Toronto

"The Calgary April 29 Conference was really great. As always, I look forward to the next one!" Teresa C, Calgary

"IPM's Halifax 30th Anniversary Conference was great last week! The feedback about the speakers was most positive from what I gathered from those around me." Laura T., Halifax

"Our IPM Halifax Conference I do believe was the best ever! Truly enjoyed the well planned, most informative and energy packed day!" Doug S, Halifax

"Your recent Halifax Conference I have to say that was one of the best conferences I have attended. My team thoroughly enjoyed the day!" Heather T, Halifax

"Thanks for another great conference. I will definitely have this on my agenda for next year." Heather C, Halifax

"The IPM Ottawa Conference was absolutely wonderful- terrific speakers and topics. We'll certainly bring our team out next year!" Jaime M, Ottawa

"The Ottawa conference was great as always. The afternoon sessions with Craig Dowden and Brady Wilson were absolutely amazing and so high energy!" Genevieve L, Ottawa

"Our team is truly pleased with the great training and resources you offer. We're looking forward to the May conference in Edmonton!" Allan M., Edmonton

"The Toronto May 8 Conference was fabulous as always. The information gained at your sessions is invaluable. I look forward to seeing you at the fall conference! " Anne C., Merrickville, ON

"I thoroughly enjoyed 2013 Calgary Conference. I will certainly encourage my HR group to get involved in events more. Thanks for the generous corporate subscription which I won for our firm. We plan to take full advantage of it." Sandra W.,Calgary

"We wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed the Calgary conference. We will be looking to attend more! The speakers were very knowledgeable and kept out interest. We loved Craig Dowden, he is an incredible speaker and would like to form a partnership with him to become one of our presenters. Please keep us posted on upcoming sessions!" Barb M, Winnipeg

"The recent Toronto Conference was a great day. I particularly enjoyed the interesting discussion on state of the art social media recruiting tools!" Stephen S., Toronto

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say that your IPM Toronto November 1 Conference was amazing! All four speakers and their topics were great and insightful. I enjoyed everything!" Courteney S, Toronto

"IPM's Associations provide great networking opportunities for HR and management industry professionals on a variety of employer-conscious related topics. One of the biggest differentiators at IPM conferences is that participants have the opportunity to mix and mingle with a variety of people in an ideal ballroom round table setting for the entire day's event. We get that personal connection more readily and build relationships that will be sustainable for years. I personally have developed an excellent network of HR managers within my industry sector by regularly attending these events." Lindsay G., Toronto

"What a great bunch of speakers at the Toronto Spring Conference last week- enjoyed them all! As always, the legal specialists were terrific and covered the topics well. Their added touch of humour is much appreciated. The legal sessions are always my # 1 favourites. The panel session was wonderful. Great afternoon sessions as well. Look forward to the next one!" Greta L, Toronto

"I just wanted to let you know that Toronto Spring Conference was a fabulous and very informative session today. It was my first IPM Conference and I look forward to more". Kavitha V, Toronto

"Thanks again for working so hard to put together the May 2012 Conference. It was a great day with interesting speakers." Connie M, Toronto

"Thank you for encouraging me to attend the Toronto Spring Conference. I found it informative and very enjoyable." Teresa M, Toronto

"Thank you for another excellent IPM Conference. As always, I found the speakers to be very interesting. I love listening to Dan Palayew each time he presents. We're all looking forward to the fall event." Brianne L, Ottawa

"Thank you for an educational, fun experience. I cannot even imagine how much time, energy and effort goes into the organization of such an event. Truly enjoyed the Ottawa Conference." Esther S, Ottawa

"I have to applaud you all for what you do. I was truly impressed with the presentations at the recent Ottawa Conference. Wendy Godmere made a lasting impression. She was so dynamic and outgoing, even stayed and chatted with us at the end of the day. Thank you for a terrific event!" Zena L, Ottawa

"Congratulations on a great Spring 2012 Conference! It was a huge success." Laura M, Ottawa

"The recent Toronto Fall Conference was amazing and I can hardly wait until the next one. I am certainly recommending that we send more of our management team." Brenda W, Toronto

"I felt the Ottawa Fall conference was very well done. I found the speakers all very interesting and was happy I was able to attend. I am really looking forward to the conference in April 2012 as well." Brianne L, Ottawa

"I just want to say again how much I enjoyed our recent conference. When I first started attending these conferences a number of years ago, I knew no one at all. Yesterday, I knew a lot of people. It is starting to feel like home." Diane J, Ottawa

"What a great Toronto Spring Conference you ran! You always host so well. Sessions and speakers were wonderful. Participants commented on the nice atmosphere and interaction. We all feel valued and happy and that is no easy accomplishment." Peggy S, Toronto

"Great to see you today and the Ottawa April 6 conference was very well done. I enjoyed it tremendously and will follow up two of the speakers pertaining to issues we have." Syd G, Ottawa

"I am a member in Ottawa to attended your Toronto May 11 Conference and wanted to tell you it was excellent. Presenters were professional and delivered great information." Julie M, Ottawa

"I also want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed the day. I have already encountered numerous situations where the information that was shared that day proved to be helpful." Bonnie P., Toronto

"I really enjoyed the Halifax April 2010 workshop and actually will debrief my co-workers on some of the fine points I gained. I look forward to the next event." Marlene M, Halifax

"I just wanted to send a short note commending you on the recent IPM Toronto Conference. As a long-time member of IPM and attendee at a number of events, all of which were informative and applicable to professional development within my role, I nonetheless enjoyed this past conference most. The program itself presented on relevant HR and People Management issues, and your assembly of speakers was outstanding, as all were knowledgeable and engaging - in fact, I wished the day were extended to facilitate even longer sessions with these professional experts. It is very clear that you worked hard to ensure that the program had variety, was of high quality, and indeed, was a tremendous value for the cost. I am already looking forward to the next conference. Thank you and keep up the great work!" Blake C., St. Catharines

"I have to say it again, it was a terrific line up of speakers in that presentations and panel discussions gave me that extra know how, reference points, and insight to keep moving forward. I'm ready to tackle the new challenges." Miria V, Ottawa

"This morning's Halifax workshop was very good - IPM does a great job. Many thanks!" Joanne L., Halifax

"I got a lot of value from both of the Calgary sessions. As the recruiter responsible for immigration, the Cross Border Hiring presentation was especially intriguing. Also, there are some major changes coming within my organization and the executive management team could use some guidance with respect to communications during a RIF or merger. I plan to share the useful information presented in the Managing Change In Turbulent Times panel segment." Linda V., Calgary

"The recent Ottawa workshop on Absenteeism and Employment Law was a very positive session - I took away some ideas I hope to implement here at our association- Many thanks for your efforts in putting this together." Joan B., Ottawa

"Thanks so much for another great IPM Workshop. The timing of the topics was perfect as we are currently working on an Employee Engagement Strategy and had dealt with a high risk termination a few months ago. It was most reassuring to have all the steps that we took validated in Dave Ray's presentation." Heather W., Halifax

"Your seminars are terrific! We always come away with really valuable info plus the speakers are very good at maintaining our interest. We'll definitely see you at the next event." Shelley F., Calgary

"Thanks for all the seminars that you organize, they are always beneficial." Sheemel J, Calgary

"Your recent spring event in Calgary was excellent. The quality of presenters and choice of topics were timely and informative. Look forward to the next series this fall." Sheila V, Calgary

"My colleagues found your session in Edmonton was very good and very worthwhile. We also appreciate the affordable registration fees- great value!" Debbie M, Edmonton

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