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Giving to Receive

As a leader you have many hats to wear. But none is as important as how you manage and deal with your staff group. To accomplish that successfully it is vital to cultivate effective communication skills. This will allow you to congratulate employees on a job well done, provide encouragement when motivation is waning, and point your staff in the right direction if they get off course. Not to mention, fostering a workplace culture that thrives on open lines of communication makes everyone feel empowered, valued, and incentivized to continue developing their skills. Of course, with every individual requiring a slightly different approach to get the best response—it is not always easy to deliver constructive feedback in a way that lands nicely.

Interviewing in the Age of Zoom
COVID-19 has changed virtually all aspects of our lives—the process by which we vet and hire employees included.

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SMBs Struggling to Meet Workers’ New Demands
A new report uncovers new insights into the current hiring challenges among Canadian businesses, and how they are moving forward in 2022.

Health Benefits Critical for Employee Retention
To keep their staff, Canadian employers need to consider more personalized and flexible workplace health benefits plans.


Canada’s Top 100 Employers: Human Interaction Will Define Workplaces Post-Pandemic

Online Course Shines a Spotlight on Mental Health in the Workplace

Fed. Gov’t. Improves Wage Earner Protection Program



BC: Province Finalizes Proof of Vaccination Policy to Protect Workers

BC: Province Equips Students With New Tech, Trades Tools

AB: REP Safety Training Now Available

AB: Indigenous Contributions to Economy Significant with Room for Growth

SK: Province Announces $2 million for Training and Employment Services in Northern Saskatchewan

MB: Province, Partners Launch Retrain Manitoba to Reimburse Employers for Training Costs

ON: Province Invests to Attract Young People to Skilled Trades Careers

ON: Province Helping More People Train for New Careers and Opportunities

ON: Supporting Women in Post-COVID Economy

ON: Ontario to Raise Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour

NS: New Immigration Pathways for Hospitality Sector to Hire Skilled Workers

PE: Minimum Wage to Increase

This Month
Careful Contact: The New Normal
Careful contact may not be ideal, but after all these months of social isolation, it’s what we have. I, for one, will take it.

Giving to Receive
Engaging your employees with constructive feedback will naturally create an atmosphere that nurtures support, enhances performance, and stimulates growth.
Interviewing in the Age of Zoom
Online interviews present some significant differences for which both candidates and those conducting the discussions need to prepare.

Three-Day Employee Awarded Three Months’ Notice
The employer did not give him a chance to correct his behaviour, the judge ruled.
Ontario Arbitration Cases Vary on Mandatory Vaccination Policies
The decisions disagreed on whether an employer has the right to require employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19.
Employer Discriminated Against Father Needing Child Care Accommodation
The man was not offered a shift that allowed him to care for his young children.

Canadian SMBs Struggling to Meet Workers’ New Demands
Two in five companies have shifted priorities in the last six months to drive growth and innovation, but find it challenging to hire and mitigate employee burnout.
Women are Pessimistic about Gender Equality at Work
Survey results clearly demonstrate that employers are underperforming on diversity, equality and inclusion in the eyes of their female employees.

Shop Talk
Canadian Leaders Confident in their Support for Employees
Leaders are confident but admit that meeting the needs of employees is more difficult during the pandemic.
Workplace Health Benefits Critical for Employee Retention
A new study highlights the importance of preventative health support as the risk of disengagement and turnover increases.

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