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Keep the Human in HR

Human Resources used to be the place where employees would go for help. They were the Ďpeopleí experts, and their job was to be the human face to the workforce. Now, many Human Resource professionals are worried that they are losing a positive connection with their staff. Others feel it is even more serious and call it a lack of trust in the Human Resources section of their organization. Two recent studies seem to support those fears.

The Right Interview Panel
The first thing that is critical to understand about interviews from an HR perspective is that the candidate is not the only one who has to be in top form when the big day comes. Conducting an effective interview can be a challenging task as well.

Employees Fear a Recession Could Erode Progress on Anti-Black Racism
Most Black Canadians feel their employers continued to make progress addressing anti-Black racism in the last year but worry that a recession could wipe out those gains.

Mental Health Drug Claims Skyrocket
It is no surprise the pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of Canadians. Yet new data shows just how impacted young people have been. Mental health drug claims between 2019 and 2021 skyrocketed among young Canadians.


Fed. Govít. Helps Youth Build Skills Needed for Evolving Digital Economy

Minister O'Regan Ratifies C190, the First-Ever Global Treaty on Ending Violence and Harassment in the World of Work

New Program for the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry Promises Skilled Workforce and Improved Recruiting and Retention

Fed. Govít. Invests in the Agriculture and Agri-food Sector to Address Labour Demands



BC: Province Reinvests in Job-Creation Program for Rural Communities

AB: Making post-secondary education more affordable

SK: January Sees Over 16,000 New Jobs

MB: Province Continues Enhancements Through Immigration Advisory Council Report as Influx of Skilled Immigrants Reaches Record High

ON: Province Promotes Indigenous Economic Development

NB: Minimum wage to reach highest in Atlantic Canada

NS: Province Accepts Faster Path to $15 Minimum Wage

PE: 2022 Labour Force Survey Shows Record Growth in PEIís Employment Sector

This Month
If We Canít Be Kind, At Least Be Civil
The idea of agreeing to disagree or having a civil conversation appears to be disappearing.

Keeping the Human in HR
Have we lost the human touch?
Having the Right Panel for Interviews
Letís take a look at why panel interviews are beneficial and how you can put together the most effective group for your next round of hiring.

Employer Must Pay Nearly Half a Million in Legal Costs of Former Employees
The employer alleged the employees violated their non-competition and non-solicitation clauses.
Woman Ordered to Repay Former Employer for Time Theft
The woman spent more than 50 hours doing personal things during working hours.
Store Manager Demoted Because of Disability, Tribunal Finds
The woman was awarded $30,000 for pain and suffering, an unusually high amount for Alberta.

More Should Be Done to Encourage Ontarians to Save for Retirement
A FSRA poll found that additional public information is needed about pensions
Employees Fear a Recession Could Erode Progress on Anti-Black Racism
Survey reveals improvements in Black Canadians' career prospects, and gains from remote work.

Shop Talk
Mental Health Drug Claims Skyrocket Among Young Canadians
Data from the pandemic shows almost 25% increase for those under 30.
ERGs Are in the Spotlight During Black History Month But Require Support From HR All Year
Since ERGs are often employee-led initiatives, HR must balance supporting employee efforts without taking over.

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