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Teri Gentes

Lifestyle Wellness and Natural Nutrition Consultant

Email: teri@terigentes.com
Website: www.terigentes.com

Teri is a Whole Self Health Lifestyle Wellness and Natural Nutrition Educator, Coach and Author. She has extensive experience working as an international presenter and educator for the health and fitness industry, large and small corporations, associations, communities and people just like you. She specializes in healthy everyday living and eating for whole self health and wellness promotion, including weight, stress and behaviour management, disease prevention/treatment and nurturing inner harmony. Her work has impacted the health and wellness of countless individuals and families throughout North America with clients praising Teri's guidance and coaching as "life changing".

Teri is passionate, practical and engaging, inspiring others to take action with understandable insights into the impact of balanced lifestyles, whole foods and whole self health. She makes "healthier habits" realistic, easy, enjoyable, affordable, sustainable and delicious. Teri's well known for her enthusiastic, attentive and welcoming personality, enabling doable transitions to sustainable healthier lifestyles and for positively impacting the lives of her clients and their families. Teri has also authored numerous articles on self health and nutrition and also published cookbooks.

Teri's additional roles include: Wellness and Nutrition Advisor within the Family Physio and Wellness Centres, Board of Advisors for American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA), affiliation with Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and regular nutrition columnist in the Can Fit Pro magazine.

Teri offers an extensive range of services from one on one personal coaching, corporate training for individuals and groups, to keynote presentations and hands-on demonstrations to conferences and events for groups of all sizes.

To discover more about what you can do to enhance a healthier lifestyle, go to: www.terigentes.com


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